Rewilding Movement

Weekly Classes Available!

This class brings the skills, patterns, practicality, and jubilance of wild movement back into your body and life. The instructor, Josh Braden, uses his experience and training as a level II MovNat instructor to provide lucid guidance for folks in their movement journey.

By definition, this is truly for anybody with a body:
Whether you’re curious about what it would be like to move through everyday life without repeatedly running into pain, you want to have a deeper knowing of what it means to be a human body, or you just plain love full-bodied movement with a group of good folks. Maybe all three! This is for you.

Wild movement goes beyond “good posture,” “exercise,” or mindfulness without interacting with a changing physical environment. It takes bodily movement into the realm of the real world–playing with your kids on the ground, moving furniture, climbing a ladder, or wandering the woods and waterfalls–where we need practical movements that accomplish something in the endlessly different contexts life has to offer. There, you’ll need all the mindfulness and adaptability you can bring.

What to expect?:

  • Movement! Lots of crawling, sitting, standing, balancing, jumping, climbing, lifting, carrying, throwing. It just goes on and on!
  • Safe and scaled progressions (for example: you’ll master hanging on a tree branch long before trying to get on top of it!)
  • The attention and guidance of a fully dedicated movement mentor
    Cooperative games. That’s right!
  • Permission to be a full bodied, movement loving, wild human.

Click her to learn about the instructor Josh Braden