Lynn Cox Boyd

“The basic substance of the person is energy. The movement of energy is life. The freer the energy movement… the more intense the life.” ~John Pierrakos

My name is Lynn Cox Boyd and I am a Reiki Practitioner and Jeweler.  It is an honor to provide Reiki at Studio 221. I am certified in the Usui Shiki Ryoho method of Reiki; however, my services are Intuitively Guided. Before your first session we will discuss any concerns you may have including your religious beliefs. I will gladly share with you my spiritual experience. I meet my clients where they are in their journey, even if they have no spiritual connection. Please know that I am open to all beliefs and my goal is to stand as a channel and allow life force energy to flow while promoting physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual healing for my clients.

In addition to providing Reiki, I also focus on creating jewelry made with stones and crystals that promote natural healing. Custom design is available and I would love to assist you in custom creations or finding the right crystals that could work for you. Personally, I have found using crystals along with energy work is a wonderful tool when addressing blockages and improving emotional healing. I am currently studying stone medicine and am looking forward to offering an additional form of healing to my clients.

Although having received an art degree, creatively led and worked in many positions over the years ranging from a professional jeweler, sales consultant, farmer, and manager of a credit union, I have always had a heart to help others. Many times, I’ve been told I should be a counselor in some capacity. Through Reiki, I believe I have found a calling to help others heal in ways they never thought possible. I’m so excited to offer this healing modality and extend to you the gift of personal expansion.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is ancient Japanese Energy Healing Practice that has been known to be helpful with stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and more. Energy healing sessions are used to clear energy blockages and charge the seven energy centers of the body and spirit to return to their natural balance.

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words: Rei- which means “God’s wisdom or the Higher Power; and Ki- which means “life force energy.” So, Reiki actually means “spiritually guided life force energy.” This healing energy is found in every culture and called by many different names. In short, Reiki is an alternative form of medicine called energy healing. Practitioners use this healing technique by transferring “universal energy” through their palms to the client in order to encourage emotional and physical healing.

One may experience Reiki in different ways; therefore, it is almost impossible to define it clearly in words. Try to scientifically and logically grasp how universal life force functions is beyond human intelligence. However, one may experience varying sensations during a session. During a “hands off” treatment, a practitioner’s hands hover just above the clients’ body. Many experience energy movement through warmth, coolness, tingling, and visualizations.

Reiki can do no harm as it is divinely guided by the Universe and, like a heat seeking missile, finds its way to where it can serve the highest good. It treats the whole person, including all levels of a being, including the body, mind, spirit and emotions….creating many positive benefits.

Possible Effects of Reiki

Increased energy and positive feelings
Creates harmony in the body and mind
Reduces fatigue and promotes relaxation
Disrupts blocked energy so it can be released
Increases awareness and allows transformation
Raises vibrations in and around the body
Clears and straightens the energy pathways
Is safe, natural, and holistic method of healing
Allows the body to release toxins, promoting health
Balances the immune system
Spiritual growth
Emotional healing related to trauma

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