Jason Anderson

I was first introduced to the martial arts while living in Central America and the Far East as a military brat. After my own active duty tour 1993-97 and an immersion into the culture of rock climbing in the Pacific Northwest I rediscovered and found purpose with martial arts training while living in Washington D.C. I am now a middle aged family man- I’ve lived in Floyd , VA for the last 13 years where I trained in Aikido, first with Sensei Tom Simpson followed by 4 years training in Blacksburg, VA with Sensei Truman Capone. The last eight years have been dedicated to Wing Chun Kung Fu under the instruction of Sifu Herbie Holland of Roanoke Kung Fu Academy.

My Kung Fu practice has become a living art that informs and colors all of my relationships and activities. This expression has evolved to include a Pilates practice. Currently training under Erin Garvin of Roanoke for multiple certifications, Pilates focuses on the same principles as Kung Fu, notably an emphasis on deep core strength, and where to place energy. These practices inform each other and all aspects of our lives.

As two distinct systems developed on opposite sides of the world for seemingly different purposes, I’m interested in exploring the application of their core principles in my own development as a lifelong martial artist, as well as facilitating an experience for anyone looking to define and meet their health and fitness goals.

We are conveniently located on Route 221 - less then 10 miles from downtown Floyd, VA

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