January 2019 Class Schedule

Studio 221 Class Schedule January 2019 woo hoo

Happy New Year!

This month we have a new PILATES class every Saturday morning at 10am.

Did you know?  The six principles that form the Pilates method are control, center, concentration, precision, flow and breath. Regular application of these principles throughout the Mat exercises will result in improved posture, coordination, confidence and physique.

Class Schedule:

11-12:15pm Gentle Yoga with Courtney
2-3pm Accessible Yoga with Courtney
6:15-7:15pm Kunga Flow Yoga with Haley Tuesday
6-8pm Kung Fu with Jason Wednesday
9:30-10:45am Gentle Yoga with Courtney Thursday
7-8am Rise & Shine Yoga with Shannon
6-8pm Kung Fu with Jason Friday
3-4:15pm Slow Flow Yoga with Leia Saturday
9am Ear Acupuncture with Floyd Integrity
10am Pilates with Jason