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Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga & Chair Yoga

Have you ever wanted to try yoga but felt like your body might not cooperate? Or maybe you practiced yoga in your younger days and fear that you won’t be able to do it anymore.  Gentle Yoga is a great way to get started or re-started. It is safe for those with limitations in mobility, strength, or balance due to injuries, aging, or simply being out of shape. This class focuses on mobility of the spine, strengthening the core muscles, and developing ease of movement in the joints with the intention of promoting greater balance and resiliency. All levels are welcome and no prior experience is needed. Chairs, props, and cushions are optional to ensure a safe and confident experience.

Click here to learn about instructor Courtney Pace.

Level 2 Gentle Yoga

This moderately paced class builds on the knowledge gained in gentle or beginner yoga classes, some yoga experience suggested but not required. This class will introduce principles of body alignment and awareness of the breath in basic asanas with options for more challenging modifications. Practice in the comfort of your own home – learn how to safely transition in and out of postures, create physical challenges and use what you have on hand to gain a deeper understanding of your own body and heart!

Click here to learn about instructor Kyra Aulani.

Core & Restore Yoga

While staying true to our style of gentle yoga, this class will focus on strengthening the core with the intention of developing greater stability throughout the entire body.  Exercise and movement experts agree that a stable core is necessary for developing and preserving ease of movement, mobility, and balance.  We will practice a series of strengthening exercises interspersed with restorative yoga postures to soothe the body and mind.  The entire class is done on the floor.  All levels are welcome. 

Click here to learn about the instructor Courtney Pace.

Sadhana Flow Yoga

“Sadhana” means spiritual practice. In this class, Yoga is defined as wholeness – “the state of missing nothing.” This hour-long, flow-style practice includes elements of Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of devotion), transformative heat, options for all levels, and restorative postures and meditation.

“Haley brings so much joy to her teaching and offers such a welcoming space, always encouraging me to make the class ‘my’ hour. It’s the best thing about Monday.”

Click here to learn about the instructor Haley Leopold.

Walking Stick Yoga

There are times in life when balance becomes more difficult to achieve. During these times, we can seek support and guidance in many different ways. Yoga is one such system of support that is accessible and adaptable to all phases and stages of life.

As an avid hiker and yogi, Lori Marsh considers yoga a means of aging gracefully. Recently she has combined her love of hiking and yoga to create Walking Stick Yoga, which uses hiking poles to add stability and ease to traditional yoga poses. If you enjoy a gentle yoga class, you may wish to give this a try. Hiking sticks are provided for class use.

Click here to learn about the instructor Lori Marsh.

Detox Yoga

Join us for a very special class with the fantastic Leia Jones.  Hot tea and warm yoga with an emphasis on twists – detox those digestive organs and put some nourishing tea into that belly!

Click here to learn about the instructor Leia Jones.

Accessible Yoga

With a sincere passion and deep belief that yoga is accessible and beneficial to anyone, this class goes with the flow in a playful and open style. We practice traditional yoga postures along with some that we make up on the fly. It’s a class for exploration, laughter, and encouragement as we support one another in this journey we call life. Class is open to students of any level of ability including individuals with special areas of need. We ensure that each student is able to participate in their own unique way.

Click here to learn about the instructor Courtney Pace.

Private Yoga Instruction & Yoga Therapy

If you have concerns about attending a group class, you may consider an individual session to help get you started. Click here for more info.

Class Rates

One class = $15

Monthly rate for one class per week (up to 5 classes per month) = $55

Monthly rate for unlimited classes = $110

*Please note:  Monthly rates expire at the end of each calendar month.  

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