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Yoga at Home ~ Online Classes

*Our Floyd, Virginia location is now closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.  All services are now offered online via Zoom. 

Please browse the class descriptions below and contact Courtney with any questions.  Or click here for payment options to join the online classes.

Adaptive Gentle Yoga

Create greater independence and life satisfaction within a safe and supportive community while loosening the hold of pain, suffering, loneliness, and fear.  Adaptive Gentle Yoga is practiced at a slow pace to encourage healthy movement patterns, greater body awareness, and improved coordination and balance.  Practices focus on mobility of the spine, stabilizing the core, and developing ease of movement in the joints with the intention of promoting greater balance, resiliency, and courage. With ample opportunity to strengthen your practice and progress at your own pace, this is not simply for beginners, instead it is a practice that grows with you.

All levels are welcome and no prior experience is needed. This practice is safe for those with limitations in mobility, strength, or balance due to injuries, aging, or simply being out of shape. Chairs, props, and cushions are optional to ensure a safe and confident experience.

Accessible Yoga

Accessible Yoga is an interactive and playful version of Adaptive Gentle Yoga and therefore appropriate for a wide range of intellectual and physical abilities. Tapping into creativity and imagination, students are encouraged to participate in their own way and to develop their own version of what yoga feels like and looks like to them. Always keeping the practice light and fun, I believe we learn better when we’re laughing and smiling. It helps us connect to the heart dispelling fear, resentment, lack of self-worth, or feeling like happiness is out of reach.  Through Accessible Yoga, we have learned that patience, repetition, compassion, and encouragement go a long way toward self-development and transformation.  Together we create greater independence and life satisfaction with the practices of Adaptive Gentle Yoga.

Core & Restore Yoga

While staying true to our style of Adaptive Gentle Yoga, this class will focus on strengthening the core with the intention of developing greater stability throughout the entire body.  A stable core is necessary for developing and preserving ease of movement, mobility, and balance.  This practice includes a series of strengthening exercises interspersed with restorative yoga postures to soothe the body and mind.  The entire class is done on the floor.  All levels are welcome.

Guided Meditation

Meditation is an essential component of the practices of yoga. Here we are offering a weekly guided meditation series as a means of calming the fluctuations of the mind and finding greater relaxation and ease in these turbulent times. A consistent practice is necessary to reap the benefits of meditation, so this class is offered on a monthly basis with the intention of building the practice together over time. No prior experience needed.

Private Lessons & Yoga Therapy

If you have concerns about attending a group class or if you would like one-to-one instruction, you may consider private lessons with Courtney. Click here for more info.


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Class Rates

All classes are offered on a sliding scale. Suggested rates are as follows.

Yoga Classes:
One class = $15
Two classes = $30
Three classes = $45
Four classes = $55 (*bonus fifth class is free!)
Six classes = $70
Seven classes = $85
Eight classes = $95
Nine classes = $105
Unlimited yoga classes = $110

Meditation Classes:
Monthly rate = $50 per month

*Please note:  purchased classes expire at the end of each calendar month, so please plan ahead and purchase the right package for your expected attendance.  Listed prices are for regular weekly yoga classes and do not apply to special classes or events.