Therapeutic Yoga & Meditation

Therapeutic yoga and meditation classes strengthen your brain and body and help improve your resiliency while aging. Weekly classes are 100% online, accessible for almost any level of ability, and taught in an easy-going, welcoming format from right here in Floyd, Virginia.

Online classes currently meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  All of our group yoga classes are intended to be supportive and nurturing to cultivate greater stability, strength, and ease of movement while reducing pain and tension in the body and mind.  This style of gentle yoga is well-suited for a wide range of physical, intellectual, and developmental abilities.  Come as you are and enjoy the benefits of a safe and supportive practice.  

Here’s a brief guide to our classes, listed in order of physical intensity, starting with the least effortful and increasing in the level of physical exertion.  All classes are currently led by Courtney. 

1.  Guided meditation – this requires no physical effort, in fact it invites us to rest without effort or agenda
2.  Accessible yoga – accommodates all levels of intellectual and physical differences, we tend toward playfulness, laughter, and stress-relief; practiced while seated in chairs and/or standing with a chair for support
3.  Restorative yoga – practiced entirely on the floor with a few cushions or folded blankets for support, we explore movements and stretches for relieving tension in the joints and muscles and bringing greater ease to the mind
4.  Gentle yoga (Monday) –  this is our traditional yoga class with standing, seated, and floor practices emphasizing balance, stability, coordination and range of motion, chairs are optional for greater stability
5.  Gentle yoga + core (Friday) – similar format as Monday with additional emphasis on overall strengthening and core stability

For more detailed descriptions of our classes, click here.

Online payments can be made here or checks may be mailed to PO Box 6, Floyd VA 24091. 


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