(See below for class descriptions)

11-12:15pm Gentle Yoga with Courtney
2-3pm Accessible Yoga with Courtney
6:15-7:15pm Kunga Flow Yoga with Haley

6-8pm Kung Fu with Jason

9:30-10:45am Gentle Yoga with Courtney

8:15-9:15am Rise & Shine Yoga with Shannon
11-12:15pm Gentle Yoga with Kyra
5-6pm Pilates with Jason
6-8pm Kung Fu with Jason

3-4:15pm Slow Flow Yoga with Leia

9am Floyd Integrity

Class Rates

Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga
Have you ever wanted to try yoga but felt like your body might not cooperate? Gentle Yoga is a great way to get started. It is safe for those with limitations in mobility, strength, or balance due to injuries, aging, or simply being out of shape. This class focuses on mobility of the spine, strengthening the core muscles, and developing ease of movement in the joints with the intention of promoting greater balance and resiliency. All levels are welcome and no prior experience is needed. Chairs, props, and cushions are used to ensure a safe and confident experience.

Gentle Yoga Level 2
Ready to take your practice a step further?  Gentle Yoga accommodates all levels, even the most advanced students can benefit from taking a Gentle approach to their yoga practice.  After all, yoga is about connecting the breath, body, and mind.  By slowing things down, we can access our inner landscape and deepen that connection.  The Level 2 class offers an opportunity to explore new postures with the same gentle approach as always.

Accessible Yoga
With a sincere passion and deep belief that yoga is accessible and beneficial to anyone, this class goes with the flow in a playful and open style.   We practice traditional yoga postures along with some that we make up on the fly.  It's a class for exploration, laughter, and encouragement as we support one another in this journey we call life.  Class is open to students of any level of ability including individuals with special areas of need.  We ensure that each student is able to participate in their own unique way.

Restorative Yoga
Relax and unwind with a focus on self awareness and deep healing.  This practice is suitable for all body types, ages, and skill levels.

Rise & Shine Vinyasa Yoga
Designed to awaken and strengthen both your body and mind, this class is better than a cup of coffee to get your energy flowing.  We will incorporate sun salutations, core strengthening/stabilization, balancing postures, and inversions, into a creative flow to help jump-start your day.  Some previous experience is recommended as this is a moderately fast-paced class.

Kunga Yoga Flow
 is an African word that means "to help" or "to serve." By participating in this all-levels, flow-style class, you are also engaging in an act of service. Five percent of the proceeds of every class will be donated to three different nonprofits serving abroad, nationally, and regionally: Homes of Hope orphanages in India, Farm Sanctuary, and Yoga Village. An additional 5 percent of the proceeds will be donated to a different local nonprofit every month. This hour-long class, led by Haley, RYT-200, will build transformative heat, offer options for all levels - from total beginners to the experienced practitioner -, and end with restorative postures and meditation.

Teen Yoga
Join Haley in this safe, welcoming space to find ground during the school week. This flow style class will end with restorative postures to soothe the nervous system and relieve stress.  Learn more.

Kung Fu
Wing Chun Kung Fu is a martial arts system that uses unique training methods to produce spontaneous reflexes.  The Wing Chun system is strongly based on logic consisting of 3 core principles:  simplicity of technique, efficiency of movement & directness — which are used to form biomechanical concepts for self defense. Learn more.

Private Yoga Instruction & Yoga Therapy
If you have concerns about attending a group class, you may consider an individual session to help get you started.  Click here for more info.